EIRO's Work

EIRO is a catalyst for healthy church-community partnerships.

We accomplish this work by creating innovative learning opportunities for wholistic community engagement, consulting on the implementation of responsible charity models, and  connecting churches with each other and the community in healthy ways.


Through interactive training and consulting, EIRO equips local churches with the spiritual and practical resources needed for meaningful community engagement.

EIRO believes that churches are called to join with God as the Kingdom is coming into their local context. That kind of lifestyle, however, requires certain kinds of postures and practices if it is to be healthy and sustainable. Therefore, EIRO consults with churches to help them develop the resources needed for healthy missional engagement. 


Spiritual Formation LabsAs an education model that is based on action-reflection, EIRO's Spiritual Formation Labs invites participants to experiment with new ways of life to better discern God's action in the world and be better equipped to participate. Formation Labs offer an embodied curriculum for missional formation.

Pop-up Labs: This a mobile, introductory version of our Spiritual Formation Labs offering participants structure and training exercises for community engagement and reflection. 

The Neighboring InitiativeFor those who seek to be intentional neighbors in economically and racially diverse contexts, TNI looks at the theological foundations, cross-cultural skills, and six lenses needed for healthy, missional neighboring.

Immersion ExperienceThe best learning is not theoretical, it is immersive. Immersion Experiences are multi-day missional field trips paired with thorough dialogue and theological formation. It offers a twist on the mission trip. Instead of going on a trip as missionaries for others, it is going as learners to discover and be inspired by how mission is being practice in the Atlanta area.

If you would like to hear more about these learning opportunities or would like to see one in your church, please contact us.


As churches get more connected with one another and the community, EIRO assists them by building asset-based collaborations that seek the good of the community. 

EIRO specializes in collaborative relationships. We believe that any and every challenge that our community is facing can be addressed by the assets, idea, and gifts that already exist within our community. EIRO works collaboratively to identify and connect people and their assets so that our communities can flourish. Much of what develops happens outside of the direct responsibility of EIRO as we seek to equip the local church to lead. There are a few things, however, that we are more directly involved in facilitating.

R.I.S.E.RISE is creating a culture of leadership and success and Tucker High School. RISE does this by partnering volunteers from local churches with groups of students to train them as leaders who mentor other students in goal setting, conflict management, and communication skills.

Young ScholarsWe are located in a richly diverse context with neighbors who have immigrated or been relocated here from around the globe. This has created challenges in literacy development. Young Scholars was developed to address this challenge alongside first and second grade students. 

NETWorksHolly served the Executive Director of NETWorks re-creating the organization to address economic poverty in asset-based ways. She worked to shift the organization from primarily crisis-centered relief to focusing on cultivating partnerships that empower people toward long-term solutions to poverty. Learn more. 

If you'd like EIRO to consult with your church on how to implement asset-based community initiatives or to increase the effectiveness of your current outreach programs, please contact us.


EIRO works to fill the space between churches and their communities. We are constantly seeking ways to increase the density of the social fabric that holds our communities together.

In our hometown of Tucker we have built relationships with churches, nonprofits, business leaders, schools and the local government. These relationships have allowed us to connect these institutions to each other in mutually beneficial ways. We are always looking for how the assets in our community can be combined for everyone's benefit. 

In addition, EIRO has been a key facilitator of N.E.M.O; a group of pastors and lay leaders in the North Eastern Atlanta area who meet monthly to collaborate for the good of their churches and the good of Tucker.



If you would like to learn more about building collaborative networks please contact us.




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