My experience in the Spiritual Formation Labs has caused nothing less than a paradigm shift in my view of the Christian life and outreach. I am so grateful that our congregation has had the opportunity to participate in the Labs. God has used Shawn & Holly to turn many of our lives upside-down and inside out. I would passionately urge you to seek the Formation Labs.
— Dr. Greg Hayes

Spiritual Formation Labs are multi-week immersive learning experiences that bring together engaging classroom teaching and challenging experiments outside the classroom so that participants come away better prepared to join in God's mission in their community. 


What's a Lab like?

Hands on. Experimental. Experiential. Creative. Challenging. Refreshing. inspiring.

They are spiritual because the seek for the Spirit to capture us at the deepest level of our spirit. They are formation because it is about being formed more and more into the image and likeness of Jesus. They are labs because they invite participants into experiential learning exercises that make a new way of life possible.  

L.A.B.S. means that they address life skills, action on behalf of others, Bible study, and spirituality.


Why go through a Lab?

Spiritual Formation Labs engage participants' hearts through life-sharing, hands through experiments, and minds through critical thinking. Labs aim not to inform but to transform.

Anyone who is seeking something more than academic learning or Bible study that remains in the confines of classrooms needs to consider hosting a Spiritual Formation Lab.

Anyone eager to not just learn about God's mission but who is eager to take risks and try new things so that they are better equipped to practices God's mission needs to consider hosting a Spiritual Formation Lab.


If you are interested in learning more, have some questions, or would like to have a consultation on what it would mean to have a Lab at your church, contact

Check out some images from a recent training Holly led for the CCDA at Lawrenceville First UMC.