The R.I.S.E Program

Why RISE Exits


RISE creates a culture of leadership and success at Tucker High School. RISE equips adult volunteers to invest in student leaders who in turn mentor fellow students in personal and academic growth. 

There are four key things that RISE seeks to do in every relationship: Respect, Inspire, Serve, and Encourage. The adults that facilitate the program and the students who participate in it all commit to respecting, inspiring, serving, and encouraging each other. By doing so, we all RISE to greater levels of leadership and success.


How RISE Works

There are four roles in the RISE Program:

  • Sponsors - Faculty from the school who oversee the RISE Gatherings
  • Guides - Adult volunteers who facilitate the RISE Gatherings & invest in the students. For 2014-15, we have 12 Guides who represent 5 different local churches.
  • Leaders - Upperclassmen who are trained and equipped by the Guides to mentor the Achievers. 
  • Achievers - Underclassmen identified by the school who are mentored by the Leaders.

There are three major components in the RISE Program:

  • RISE Gatherings - Each week for an hour and a half during the school day Guides, Leaders, and Achievers meet together to develop key assets and work together to ensure the success of the Achievers. There are 120 students in RISE meeting in four separate classrooms overseen by three Guides each.
  • RISE Assemblies - At the beginning and end of the school year there are major assemblies where all participants in the program come together to be inspired, to celebrate, and to prepare themselves for success. At the end of 2013-14 school year, two Atlanta Falcons came to celebrate the work our students had done!
  • RISE MLK Day of Service - On MLK Weekend the RISE participants work together alongside community partners (churches, businesses, civic groups, etc.) in service projects throughout our city.
I continue to be amazed at the RISE students! They are such a delight to work with! I am inspire by their courage, sense of humor, and selflessness. Tucker High School - and these students in particular - are a bright and shining star in our community!
— RISE Guide


TWO WAYS TO Get Involved

If you would like to get involved, there are two things you can do: Volunteer and Donate. If you have questions about how your church can join the work God is doing through RISE at Tucker High School, contact

A SHort History of rise

RISE was developed by a partnership with Michael Harwell, Assistant Principal at Tucker High, Woody Bowen, Associate Pastor at SOZO New Covenant Fellowship, and Shawn Duncan, Community Chaplain with EIRO. Mr. Harwell came to Woody and Shawn seeking community support for the students at Tucker High. Mr. Harwell saw that a mentoring program was needed. The three met together over cups and cups and cups of coffee designing the RISE initiative. The first iteration of the RISE Mentoring Program took place in the spring semester of 2013.