What are Immersion Experiences?

Immersion Experiences are three-dimensional learning opportunities that bring together heart, mind, and body for transformative encounters with neighbors, missional practitioners, and biblical dreams for your community. Immersion Experiences can come in many different forms, from an afternoon to a weekend to a 5-day trip in the summer. Immersion Experiences are best for groups of about 10 who are eager to learn how to live more missionally. 



Why have an Immersion Experience?

The goal of Immersion Experiences is to inspire groups with new visions for what it means to partner with God in God's mission in their community. By meeting new people, having fresh experiences, engaging in rich dialogue, and trying new foods, participants have their imaginations expanded for what it could look like to join God in welcoming the Kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven."


Want to plan an Immersion Experience?

We love Immersion Experiences! They are, however, very time intensive for us, so we are only able to plan and host a handful of these each year. If you are interested in setting up an Immersion Experience for a group from your church, contact shawn@joinEIRO.com.


What Immersion Teams are Saying:


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Thank you, EIRO, for immersing us in the Gospel of Christ. Thank you for showing us who our neighbor is and how he is to be loved. Thank you for forcing us into embracing hospitality. Thank you for feeding our stomachs and our hearts. Thank you for helping us stay focused on being the hands, the feet, the eyes, the ears, and the voice of the one who calls us.
— Daniel Burnell, Director of Youth Encouragement Services, Nashville, TN
We came away from our Immersion Experience with more questions than answers—and that is a good thing! It takes time to build relationships and trust. Our week with EIRO helped teach us about the process of intentionality and being Jesus to each other. The challenge we came home with is what can we do as we listen to our neighbors and seek ways to serve with them as we build the kingdom of God together. Our Immersion Experience with EIRO taught us a lot about others, but more importantly, we learned about ourselves and what it means to be a good neighbor in the name of Christ.
— Rev. David Woody, Providence Baptist Church, Charleston, SC