Charity Detox is an open source learning community for churches, organizations, and leaders who are moving toward responsible charity. 

EIRO is partnering with Bob Lupton and the leadership at FCS Urban Ministries to curate a nationwide conversation between practitioners - veterans and novices alike - who are on the journey toward healthier models of ministry with our low-income neighbors and neighborhoods.

Bob Lupton's book Toxic Charity has been changing the charity conversation around the world. Many have realized that things must change. We've seen well-intentioned, compassionate efforts to help end up doing more damage than good. Many want to change. The challenge, though, is in knowing how to navigate change! That is why the Charity Detox community has been created - to form an open source resource for the work of detoxifying charity.


If you are a part of an organization or church that is trying to rethink the way missions, outreach and/or benevolence is done, We would love for you to head on over to charity detox to join the conversation today! Feel free as well to contact us if you'd like EIro to consult with you along this journey.


Some images from a recent Toxic Charity event EIRO hosted in Tucker with Bob Lupton as our keynote followed by a panel of five veteran pracitioners who are working to detoxify charity in their own communities.