Why We Made a Church Asset Map

We made The Tucker Church Asset Map for two reasons. The first is practical and the second is theological.

First the practical reasons. If you have ever done any kind of community service, community development or just generally tried to make a positive difference in your community, you will have undoubtedly run into the problem of silos. Many of our community organizations, churches included, operate within silos. They focus on being excellent at what they do and channel their attention and resources to their own operations. This leaves little time and energy left-over to understand how one’s work fits into the broader context of a community which can produce redundancies in services offered and makes it nearly impossible to attempt partnerships which might fill gaps in a community.   

EIRO exists in a unique position because its goal is to invite and equip other organizations to work towards the flourishing of our community. This means our energies and attention are devoted to the whole ecosystem, rather than our own particular programs. We wanted to leverage this unique position to do research other orgs did not have the time or resources to do and then present that information back to our community. This makes it possible for our community members to make better informed decisions and build strategic partnerships with each other.

Now the theological reason. EIRO believes deeply in what the Apostles Creed calls “the holy catholic church.” In other words, we see each church as a part of The Church. Every church is a part of the Body of Christ and is not in competition with other churches. We have observed that in many communities the Body is not working as well as it could because it’s different parts are not working together. We want to see the Body of Christ as healthy as possible and believe this demands churches working well together. We hope the information provided in the Tucker Church Asset Map will lead to churches working together for the flourishing of our shared home.