Lighting a Fire Without Burning Out

Talking about boundaries is always relevant. All of us live at the intersection of various boundary issues. We all struggle against the urge to make other people’s happiness our responsibility. We all must learn healthy ways to live with those who do not respect our boundaries. When you are talking about boundaries you are talking about life.

At this past weekend’s Pop-up Lab we focused on discerning our God-given passions and developing the healthy boundaries necessary to pursue these passions. The discernment activities were rich experiences for our participants and for us. It was incredibly rejuvenating to spend the morning acknowledging God’s presence and rejoicing over the passions God has placed within each of us. The lab-goers were eager to take the activities and discernment journals home with them to continue their contemplative journeys.

As we transitioned to discussing boundaries, the conversation quickly became personal. It was clear we all had boundary issues we were wrestling with. Our participants were honest and gracious with each other. We talked about bringing intentionality to our boundaries, specifically the things we say “yes” to and the things we say “no” to, can greatly improve our lives. Holly and I offered some different questions to ask yourself when considering whether to say yes or no to someone: “Does this person need this?” “Does this person need this from me?” “Do they need it now?” “Why am I thinking about saying yes?”

We also talked through some of the different boundary issues confronting our participants as a group. We all used the principals of healthy boundaries we were learning in order to understand what decisions we could make that would allow us to move closer to health. Here again, our participants were kind to each other and showed a great deal of wisdom.

We had opened the day talking about the image of the Body of Christ in I Corinthians 12:12-20 and Ephesians 4:15-16. One of the big takeaways from these verses is that the Body of Christ is healthy when each member is living up to its full potential. I feel confident that everyone, myself included, left the Lab better equipped to live up to our full potential.