The Power of Teamwork

by Holly Duncan

If you’ve ever watched Remember the Titans (or most any “sportsing”* movie, for that matter), you witness the power of teamwork. How a group of guys from vastly different backgrounds and unique motivations come together to accomplish a collective goal. In Remember the Titans, the barrier of race threatens to keep the team separated, but it becomes evident no one will succeed if everyone is pursuing their own individual goals.

At EIRO, we do absolutely zero football drills, but we do believe wholeheartedly in the exponential power of teamwork and collaboration. In fact, the very name EIRO itself means “to join.” We connect church leaders in Tucker to one another and to partners in local business, civics, and education. We are committed to fostering these valuable connections to build a stronger community for all.

We saw our city rally and respond to local sex trafficking and homelessness in 2016, and it was incredible to witness. Outreach pastor Cliff Gates has a passion to eradicate sex trafficking and a desire to see the Church come alongside victims of this difficult social issue. EIRO was glad “to join” God’s work through Cliff by recruiting more church leaders and adding capacity to the collective efforts through vision and strategy consulting, communications assistance, meeting coordination, and resource identification.

The church community of Tucker responded in beautiful and meaningful ways. First, pastors stepped up to the pulpit and made their congregations aware of the often-hidden realities in their midst. EIRO helped to identify useful educational resources for pastors. In addition, congregations working together collected over 800 bags of personal hygiene and snack items for local sex-trafficking victims, Tucker High School students, and other neighbors experiencing homelessness. These supplies were delivered to motel managers trained to identify sex trafficking victims, school counselors, and the Tucker police precinct.

We can do more together.

And in 2017, we plan to do even more together! EIRO is working to launch the Tucker Collective, a pilot cohort of local churches who will benefit from a mix of standard and customized services EIRO has to offer. They will essentially share an outreach team:

  • utilizing EIRO’s ability to identify and connect local resources across business, civics, and education networks

  • accessing a robust national network of Christian community development practitioners and theological academics

  • receiving a wide variety of spiritual formation and volunteer opportunities for church members to engage in long-term, transformational ministry.

EIRO’s mission is to invite and assist the Church to join the flourishing of its community. We know we all come from unique and personal backgrounds, but we believe we can accomplish more for city and the Kingdom of God when we work together as a team. Left side! Strong side!

P.S. If you’d like to support our team in 2017, we invite you to give here. Thank you!

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