The Delight of God, The Habit of Humanity

Reflecting on the warring of nations in the world, Mother Teresa once said,

Today, if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other-that man, that woman, that child is my brother or my sister. If everyone could see the image of God in his neighbor, do you think we would still need tanks and generals?

As Father Greg Boyle so beautifully tells us, Iit is the delight of God to see humanity become one as God the Creator, God the Christ, and God the Spirit are one.

It is the habit of humanity, however, to become divided by race, religion, economic status, political persuasion, sports conferences.... you name it!

We have forgotten that we belong to each other.

The one that thinks the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional and the one that thinks it is the answer to our health care ills...belong to each other.

The thief who takes what is not his and the victim who lost her possessions...belong to each other.

The Crimson Tide and Volunteer Orange...belong to each other.

The owner of a Fortune 500 Company and the homeless family...belong to each other.


We just passed the anniversary of Dr. King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail. In it he said,

We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

Dr. King proclaimed that I can never be who I ought to be unless you are who you ought to be...and vice versa. 

God delights in us.

It is God's own deep pleasure that we inhale God's delight in us and exhale that delight in our interactions with others. This week was a small but significant practice of God's delight.

We are a part of a group called NEMO, the Northeast Ministers Organization. During Holy Week 5 different churches hosted for the community a midday worship service. Each church invited a leader from a different denomination to speak from their pulpit during that service. Following worship the host church provided a meal so that bread and the walls that separate could be broken and delight experienced. Gender, ethnic, stylistic, and theological differences were released and worship, preaching, and fellowship were enjoyed by all.  

Shawn had the honor of preaching at Rehoboth Presbyterian as did Holly at Tucker First Baptist. EIRO is proud to be associated with this wildly diverse group of Jesus followers who are learning how to delight in each other and delight in the communities in which we find ourselves. If the shalom of God's Kingdom is going to come "on earth as it is in heaven," then we must seek to repent from humanity's habit of division and enter into God's delight of oneness with God and each other.